Donations and Fundraising

Above all, we strive to protect Ohioans’ Health by urging compassion, financial stability and most of all, the ability for all Ohioans to receive quality healthcare. Over 60% of all bankruptcies are medical, with 75% of those affecting people with insurance.

During a year marked by inflation and economic instability, your gifts can support:

SPAN Ohio 501(c)4 -

Non-Tax Deductible

SPAN Ohio is supporting healthcare bills in the Ohio House and Senate, bringing in professionals to give testimony on disasters, unexpected job loss, and financial medical instability.

Healthcare for All Ohioans 501(c)3 - Tax Deductible

Healthcare For All Ohioans helps you, your business, your neighbors, your family and your friends navigate healthcare insecurities and financial medical bankruptcies through education and eventually through the passage of a single payer healthcare plan in Ohio. 

DONATE using your Credit Card via PAYPAL. You don’t need a PayPal account to make a donation.

To donate, click the donate button below. On the page that appears, type in the amount of your donation. If you want your donation to be recurring, check the box where it says "Make this a monthly donation." If this is a one-time donation, leave that box blank. Then click either "Donate with PayPal" (if you have an account) or Donate with a Debit or Credit Card." Complete the transaction on the page that follows.

 Thank you for your support.

Other Ways to Donate

Hosting a fundraiser or house party

Ignite the spark, champion healthcare for all! Host a fundraiser with Healthcare For All Ohioans and lead the charge for a single-payer system. Your event, big or small, cane make a monumental difference.

Picture it: every step, every laugh, every donation paving the way to a future where health comes before profit. Become a change maker, empower your community, and let's walk hand-in-hand towards a healthier tomorrow. Contact Healthcare For All Ohioans today and spark the movement!

Hold and fundraiser in your home, a restaurant, or a location of fun!

You can help raise funds for HCFAO by organizing or participating in a an event all your own! Make it fun, exciting and eventful. Conjure up a theme, or just a wine and cheese get-together with friends. And don’t be afraid to ask for a donation. All who come are willing to give to this cause. Healthcare For All Ohioans can help with speakers if you need them or a video to share.  

Contact your Regional Coordinator or the State Director for more information.

Collaborate with your fitness instructor and/or workout facility

Collaborating with local fitness instructors to hold a charity workout session is fun, healthy and can raise money for HCFAO without much effort on your part. Make it even more fun by asking folks to bring in fresh snacks and drinks.

Other ideas?

We are always open to hear the wonderful ideas our community has. Just email your regional coordinator to share.


Recurring donations are most helpful — having a regular income stream allows us to plan and organize our activities most efficiently. If you do not wish to use your credit card through PayPal, consider asking your bank to deduct a specified amount from your account each month and send a check, payable either to SPAN Ohio or to HCFAO, to the address shown below.

Of course, a single personal check in any amount is always welcome. Please make check(s) payable to either SPAN Ohio or HCFAO and send to:

c/o Barbara Walden, Treasurer
31100 Cedar Road
Pepper Pike, OH 44124-4433