Everybody in. Nobody Out.

At Healthcare for All Ohioans, we believe that everybody should have access to healthcare without fear of the cost. Universal healthcare coverage would make sure everybody is included, with nobody left out. Join us in achieving universal healthcare coverage for everyone.

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Cleveland SPAN will hold a meeting on Sunday, July 21, at 3:00 PM.  The meeting will in person, in Shaker Hts.   For the exact location or for more details,…

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Health Equity Committee Meeting

Business Meeting for Health Equity Committee - Open to anyone interested in attending. Contact Amber Prater (prater.49@wright.edu). The purpose of the Healthcare for All Ohioans Health Equity Committee is to…

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Healthcare for All Ohioans: Our Journey

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Who are we?

Healthcare for All Ohioans (SPAN Oho) is a non-profit that has been championing universal healthcare in Ohio for over 20 years. We focus on educating the public and supporting Single-Payer Action Network Ohio, our allied 501(c)4 organization. Our core mission is achieving healthcare reform in Ohio and the United States, guaranteeing healthcare access for all residents.

Universal Healthcare in Ohio: Exploring Single-Payer Solutions

At Healthcare for All Ohioans, we advocate for achieving universal healthcare coverage in Ohio and the United States. We believe a single-payer healthcare system offers the most effective path towards this goal.

What is a Single-Payer System?

A single-payer healthcare system provides comprehensive health insurance to all residents of a state, managed by a single public entity. This eliminates the need for private insurance companies and aims to offer:

  • Guaranteed Coverage: Everyone in Ohio would be insured, regardless of employment status, health condition, or age.
  • Reduced Costs: By streamlining administration and potentially negotiating lower drug prices, a single-payer system could decrease overall healthcare spending.
  • Improved Access: Reduced costs and administrative burdens could lead to easier access to preventive care and specialists.

Watch this video for a brief glimpse in what single payer is:

Is Single-Payer Right for Ohio?

Does Ohio healthcare leave you stressed? You're not alone. Many Ohioans struggle with high costs, complex plans, and limited coverage.

There's a better way! We at Healthcare for All Ohioans believe a single-payer system offers the most comprehensive and efficient way to achieve universal healthcare.

A single-payer healthcare system would provide comprehensive coverage for everyone, including medical, vision, dental, and mental health services.


  • No more sky-high premiums!
  • No surprise co-pays or deductibles!
  • Financial security in the face of medical emergencies!

Healthcare is a basic human right. Everyone in Ohio deserves access to quality, affordable care. Join us in advocating for a single-payer healthcare system in our state and nationwide which would serve all Ohioans. Together, we can create a win-win situation for everyone - whether through legislation in our state or nationwide!


Want to make a difference in Ohio's healthcare system?

Healthcare for All Ohioans offers multiple ways to get involved!

  • Local Activities: Find events and actions happening near you to advocate for universal healthcare.
  • Committees: Join a committee and contribute your skills to advance our mission.
  • Contact Your Representatives: Make your voice heard! We provide easy-to-follow steps to contact your legislators about single-payer healthcare legislation.

Explore our website today to find involvement opportunities and join the fight for affordable healthcare for all Ohioans!