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  1. Most likely you were drawn to this website because you have suffered an injustice due to our healthcare system or you have a loved one or friend who has. Perhaps you read a story in the newspaper that made you think about how our system of healthcare really lets people down, rather than providing them with the care they need in a dignified manner.

    We are collecting stories to help put a human face on today’s health care issues. Too often, health care becomes an oversimplified matter of dollars and cents (or billions of dollars and cents), and the real people who are affected are forgotten.

    We share your stories with reporters for use in news stories, elected officials, and press events that highlight specific problems. Are you willing to share your story under these circumstances? Exposing the problem increases awareness and hopefully, helps bring a solution.

    Stories are collected under strict confidentiality. Details and contact information are shared only with your explicit permission and then only with reporters, legislative staff, and elected officials who agree to respect the privacy and limits each individual imposes. At no time is anyone ever obligated to speak to a reporter if he or she chooses not to. If you work in the private insurance industry and would like to be an anonymous whistleblower, PLEASE consider sharing your story with us as well.

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Donations to SPAN Ohio help cover operating and lobbying expenses and ARE NOT tax deductible.

Donations to HCFAO go to our education fund and ARE tax deductible.



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